This book demonstrates how schools can transform their teams into more effective learning communities that improve teaching and learning. Educators will find guidelines, methods, and concrete steps for building and sustaining effective teacher teams.


  • DVD videos of teams in action
  • Teacher team case studies
  • Guides to case analysis
  • CD with reproducibles: illustrations,
    worksheets, handouts

This important book offers a series of case studies and protocols for analyzing the cases. Troen and Boles guide readers through a process educators can immediately use in their own efforts.

—Charlotte Danielson, Author and Educational Consultant

This book is a must-read for any superintendent or school leader, an excellent resource for teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, and district staff that shows how to work together.

—Greg Baker, Superintendent, Bellingham Public Schools, Washington

Considered authorities on the subjects of teacher education, teacher leadership, and professional development schools, Vivian Troen and Katherine C. Boles deliver workshops on teacher teams and teacher leadership, speak at conferences and seminars, and regularly consult with schools and school districts in the United States and internationally. As classroom teachers, they founded one of the nation’s first professional development schools to link colleges and public schools in partnerships for the preservice education of teachers as well as the ongoing professional development of veteran teachers.